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Tuesti is the WoL of the story alongside of Rhivana.

Requiem, was a White Mage in the War of Magi between Mhach and Amdapori. Just before the Calamity hit, Hydamelyn would sweep in, recognizing his aether, and save him from certain doom. He remained dormant inside the locked City of Amdapor, until a young E-Sumi would free him.

He wandered the Shroud for a long time, barely living, until E-Sumi once again finds him years later and acclimated him to current times, forming a close friendship. He sheds his former name “Requiem” and chooses a random one he once saw carved in the stone of abandoned ruins; “Tuesti”.

Years pass, and Tuesti finds Rhivana among the carnage of the Battle of Silvertear Skies, almost dead, and through the means of wacky soul merging, saves her life, but binded her to him.
Tuesti raises her in the Shroud, and she grows up alongside the youngest Padjal there.


Level 17 – Into a Copper Hell – Tuesti is approached by his child he didn’t know he had.

After ARR


After HW

Level 60 – Some time around 3.2 The Gears of Change after the Antitower dungeon. Tuesti is depressed after so many things to remind him of his past rear their head. Around this time he also partway quit through the story of both the Shadow of Mhach and Alexander. He temporarily quits adventuring until the SB patches.

After SB


Level 79+80 – Tuesti transforms into a Sineater, but because of his Amdapori background manages to keep his mind

After SHB

During EW

Level 89 – Aitiascope Dungeon

After EW