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Rhivana is the WoL of the story alongside of Tuesti. When she was a child she snuck aboard a Garlean airship that would bring her right into the middle of the Battle of Silvertear Skies. Tuesti finds her among the carnage, almost dead, and through the means of wacky soul merging, saves her life, but binding her to him.

Tuesti raises her in the Shroud, and she grows up alongside the youngest Padjal there.

After ARR when meeting Midgardsormr their fates of being the WoL would be intertwined, and while still dormant until much later, using magic would become available to her despite being Garlean.

In SHB she makes a pact with Aenc Thon, akin to how Tuesti would make a pact with Feo Ul. However, instead of being able to just visit people in dreams, Aenc Thon and Rhivana would be linked together in such a way that her aether would be rebalanced, and her magic that was dormant until then would be able to come out.


After ARR


After HW


L?? – Sometime after making her way to Kugane

After SB


Level 74+75 – Rhivana’s aethersickness makes her lag behind, and she finds herself in the company of Emet-Selch

After SHB

During EW

Level 83 – After “In from the Cold”

Level 89 – Aitiascope Dungeon

Level 89 – The night before leaving for Ultima Thule

After EW