Hi there!
My name is Michelle, but most everyone online knows me as Amy. Feel free to call me either!

Who or what is the Obsessed Illusionist?🎩✨
The answer isn’t very exciting really! The truth of the matter is, I just like illusions of all kinds; visual illusions, magic tricks, the works! They fascinate me.

No but really…?

It’s an alternate mashup to some usernames I went by when I was younger. Also for a while I used it as a way to promote my business in making visual novel trailers, but that ship has sailed for some time now.

So what do I do here?
Ramble about whatever suits my fancy! Be it current projects or my OCs, this place is a collection of my stuff 😄

Other socials:
Bluesky (inactive, but I got it)
Tumblr (the occasional reblog spam of stuff I enjoy)
Bilibili (stuff that doesn’t make it to Youtube)